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It’s your kid’s fault! – Silly Bandz

Yea!  My first entry in this category.  Let’s start with Silly Bandz since it is what has come to my attention first.  A school district in South Carolina recently started to struggle with the child and tweenager bracelets, and the district has banned the “bandz” from school.  As the article states, schools in several other states have had to ban them as well.  Why is this article under the category “It’s your kid’s fault?”  Because this is a perfect example of the day to day nonsense that teachers have to put up with.  Your child comes to school with Silly Bandz, a perfectly harmless product  (and might I add, a great way for children to learn how to trade and share – in case you don’t know, trading these bracelets with their peers is all the rage).   But because enough of you parents have not reared your children properly, taught them the value of an education and showed them right from wrong, your children are using the bracelets to do their evil bidding, that is, hurt each other with them.  Schools do not act too quickly on issues like this, so if they have made a blanket ban, then it is obviously a significant disruption and has been for quite some time.  So what?  *Deep breath*:  Now the teachers are responsible for making sure students don’t have them, and when they see them, have to stop class and ask the students to turn them over, at which point the students will sometimes refuse, so now the teacher has to make a call to the office to send an administrator to come collect the bracelets so that the teacher can resume teaching for just long enough to get back into it when the administrator finally has time to show up (because s/he was dealing with another classroom full of silly bandz), and therefore the teacher has to stop again while the administrator deals with the problem, and….*deep breath*….on and on.  So one harmless little toy has proven to be a disruption for this generic classroom, not once, but twice in one class period.  So yes, schools having trouble is your kid’s fault.


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